The Barakat Gallery is a fifth generation family owned and operated business, founded in Jerusalem over 100 years ago. As a young boy Fayez Barakat worked beside the famous British archaeologist Dr. Kathleen Kenyon sorting and identifying shards from her excavation in the ancient Jerusalem of King David's time. A fourth generation member of the Barakat family, which was well known for its collection of ancient Middle Eastern art, Fayez showed brilliance as a historian and archaeologist at an early age. Throughout his life he continued to expand on his family's calling. In 1967 Fayez began to acquire artifacts sold by villagers who streamed into Jerusalem. Many of the items had originally been plundered from tombs in the hill country west of Hebron. He acquired numerous common household objects from periods extending from the Middle Bronze I (2100-1900 BC) through the Byzantine era (6th century AD). The Barakat Collection, outside of well-renowned museums, is, without doubt, one of the finest assemblages of ancient artefacts anywhere in the world. The Gallery is a purveyor of museum- quality ancient art, ranging from Classical antiquities, Near Eastern, Biblical, Chinese, Pre-Columbian, Byzantine, to Asian, African and Primitive arts. Ancient Numismatics and fine jewelry are also included in the collections. Our clientele is varied, including museums, corporations, private collectors and investors from all over the world. For the past century, the Barakat Family has been fortunate to contribute to the formation of some of the most important art collections in the world. Walking into a Barakat Gallery is akin to entering another dimension. Inside, space and time, the present and the past, all merge together. The Barakat Family is dedicated to acquiring the finest masterpieces of ancient art from around the world. Their obsession has driven the collection to encompass the sacred relics of various cultures from Pre-Columbian America to the Khmer civilization of Cambodia. The Barakat Collections attest not only to the timeless beauty and elegance of ancient artistry but also to the seemingly limitless diversity and multiplicity of form and subject inherent in the world. The international annex of the company has been located on Rodeo Drive since 1982, at 405 North Rodeo Drive in the heart of Beverly Hills. Our new London branch is located at 58 Brook Street in Mayfair directly across the street from the Claridge's Hotel. Both of our galleries are open to the public Monday to Saturday, from 10am to 6pm, or by appointment.

THE BARAKAT GALLERY LTD 58 Brook Street London W!K 5DT T. 020 7493 7778 F. 020 7493 9593 405 N. Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills, California 90210 T. (310) 859 8408 F. (310) 276 1346 0

The Eskenazi family business was founded in Milan in 1925 and today the company enjoys a distinguished international reputation as one of the leading names in the field of Oriental art. Giuseppe Eskenazi, born 1939, first expressed an interest in this field at the age of seventeen, encouraged by his uncle Vittorio who had joined the Milan firm shortly after its inception and had acquired an invaluable wealth of knowledge and experience. Over the years, clients have included over seventy museums and institutions from all over the world. In America alone, such distinguished museums as the Art Institute of Chicago, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Kimbell Museum of Art, Fort Worth, the Los Angeles County Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Washington D.C., have all acquired works of art from Eskenazi. Other institutions include the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, the Musée Guimet in Paris, the Hong Kong Museum of Art and the National Museum in Tokyo. The list of internationally important private collectors who have made acquisitions through Eskenazi is equally impressive. Eskenazi's exhibitions are renowned and have included Chinese ceramics from the Cottle collection, Ancient Chinese Bronzes from the Stoclet and Wessén collections, Chinese works of art from the J.M.A.J. Dawson collection, Chinese and Korean art from the collections of Dr. Franco Vannotti, Hans Popper and others, Chinese art from the Reach family collection and ancient Chinese sculpture from the Alsdorf collection. In 1995 the gallery hosted the loan exhibition Adornment for Eternity from the Denver Art Museum, a particular honour since this was the only European venue for this internationally touring exhibition. Notable collections of Japanese art which have been handled by Eskenazi include Japanese netsuke and inro from the collection of Professor and Mrs. John Hull Grundy, Japanese lacquer-ware from the Verbrugge collection and Japanese lacquer from the famous Charles A. Greenfield collection. Eskenazi is well known for the scholarly publications that accompany the exhibitions and many of these are now collectors' items in their own right. 10 Clifford Street London W1S 2LJ 0

Ackermann and Johnson is the combination of two Fine Art galleries. Arthur Ackermann was founded in 1783 and became famous throughout the world for their sporting subjects, oil paintings, prints and drawings. Oscar and Peter Johnson opened their gallery in 1962, specialising in landscapes, portraits, marine and topographical subjects. In 1992, the companies decided to combine their knowledge and expertise and merged to form Arthur Ackermann and Peter Johnson Ltd.

This charming two floor gallery is in the heart of Belgravia just off Sloane Street and a stones throw away from Harrods. Its panoramic windows have constantly changing displays of pictures.

The gallery specialises in eighteenth and nineteenth century British paintings notably the Norwich School, English landscapes, sporting paintings, marine paintings and portraiture but also exhibits bronzes and works by a few distinguished contemporary artists.

Ackermann and Johnson has sold works to major public collections, including the Tate Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery, as well as to international private collections.

If you have any specific requests for paintings, drawings or watercolours in terms of artist or genre, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to find what you are looking for.

27, Lowndes Street
London,  SW1X 9HY United Kingdom
Tel:  44 0207-235 6464
Fax:  44 0207-823 1057
Mon.-Fri. 9am-5pm, Saturday morning on request


Anthony Reynolds Gallery was established in a large space on the edge of the City of London in 1985. The gallery moved to the West End in 1990 and the current building in Great Marlborough Street was opened in 2002. The building has a unique character that reflects the singularity of our standpoint.

There are 22 artists represented exclusively by the gallery and works by over 200 artists have been presented in around 180 exhibitions over the past 19 years.

Anthony Reynolds Gallery is best known for the discovery of exceptional young artists and the development of their careers over the long term and we have also focussed on the work of true independents of all generations, in all media. We see our �home' as a source, where individual artists and individual works can be discovered, investigated, nurtured and then placed. We work closely with major museums and non-commercial institutions in developing long-term critical appreciation of the work of our artists. The only guiding principles in selecting an artist have been an instinctive conviction about the importance or potential of their work and a perception that within their chosen field of endeavour they are leading the field. Thus there is no stylistic or generational thread running through the programme but strong elements of surprise, independence and aesthetic and intellectual stimulation. Many of the artists were first exhibited in this gallery and have since gone on to become major figures in the international arena.

60 Great Marlborough Street
London,  W1F 7BG  United Kingdom
Tel:  +44 207 439 2201
Fax:  +44 207 439 1869


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