Niels Borch Jensen Gallery and Editions was established in Copenhagen in 1979 with the aim of bringing the best contemporary artists to work seriously with print media, and produce projects that stand as important and self-contained works of art. This aim has not changed over the years.

In 1999 we expanded by opening a gallery in Berlin with Isabelle Gräfin Du Moulin as director and partner.

In the last ten years we have focused on publishing younger artists, concentrating on perfecting techniques which are more attractive to artists unused to working with print such as black and white and colour photogravure.

Most of our editions are in intaglio techniques, and since 1990 many have been photogravures but we also produce woodcuts and monotypes. All the prints are done in our own printshop in Copenhagen.

Our collaboration with the artists we publish usually continues over many years and allows them to build up a comprehensive body of work in the print medium.

Galerie und Verlag
Naunynstrasse 38
D-10999 Berlin, Germany
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Tue - Fri 2-6pm
Mon + Sat by appointment
Isabelle Gräfin Du Moulin


Our Philosophy as the only listed corporation in the globally acting photographic art market has been derived from our company's dictum of action to establish a symbiosis between photographic art and an investment strategy whose power of innovation opens enormous potential which have an effect upon the range of all our projects.

Despite inevitable economic standards and entrepreneurial goal orientation, the organization and further development of our collection of the highest quality level as well as the promotion and care of photography as a rising and revitalized form of art are equal in the focus of our action and sui generis form the basis for an increase in value and long-term value retention.

Kantstrasse 149
10623 Berlin, Germany
Tel:  +49 (0)30 3100773
Fax:  +49 (0)30 31007750
Tue - Sat 11am - 6pm
André Raczynski, Steffi Schulze
Willkommen bei Monopol - der ersten Zeitschrift, die versucht, das Leben ebenso zu berühren wie die spannendsten Entwicklungen in der zeitgenössischen Kunst. Monopol, das Magazin für Kunst und Leben, erscheint seit April 2004 im Berliner Juno Verlag. "Der Ort der Bilder ist nicht das Museum, sondern der Mensch", hat der Kunsthistoriker Hans Belting einmal gesagt. In diesem Sinne sucht Monopol immer auch die Schnittstellen von Kunst und Leben. Und diese Schnittstellen verlaufen nun einmal ganz nah am Menschen. Jeder Mensch hat das Monopol auf eine eigene Sicht der Welt. Wie die Künstler von heute die Welt sehen und wie die Welt von heute die Künstler sieht, kann man jeden zweiten Monat von neuem in Monopol nachlesen. Und auf diesen Webseiten.
Viel Spaß dabei wünscht Ihre Monopol-Redaktion

Die Themen der aktuellen Ausgabe von Monopol:
Wer sind die Größten der Kunstszene? Monopol zeigt die Top 100 Galeristen, Kuratoren, Kritiker und Sammler
Warum die Neomoderne nebenbei mit Mantafahrern flirtet
Was die Fotografie von Martin Parr und Tina Barney mit Schuld zu tun hat
Wieso in Porto Bauten entstehen, auf deren Fensterbänken keine Katzen sitzen
Weshalb Christian Jankowski einen Abend singend unter Plastikpalmen verbringt
Was Spiderman auf dem Laufsteg macht

Choriner Str. 20
10435 Berlin, Germany
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The galerie Georg nothelfer was opened 1971 in Berlin. It is thereby one the the oldest galleries of the city, still active. For over 30 years Nothelfer refers a classical position on the constantly changing market and presents artists of the Informel, Tachismus and gestic painting. Artists, like Fred Thieler and Walter Stöhrer, found their place and we care for their oeuvre also beyond their deaths. Nowadays many younger and young artists, like Thomas Hartmann, Herta Müller and Wolfgang Troschke become part of the gallery.

Since 1978/1979 the show rooms are at Uhlandstraße, in the center of old West-Berlin and thus on the art mile "west", approximately around the Ku'Damm. We have up to 12 exhibitions a year, half of it at the Uhlandstraße and the others at our new gallery "galerie georg nothelfer im tiergartendreieck", at Corneliusstrasse. Apart from the gallery activity the galerie georg nothelfer takes part on almost all important international art fairs (ARCO, Madrid; art Frankfurt, Frankfurt a.M.; ART BASEL; FIAC, Paris; ART COLOGNE, Cologne; KUNST Zürich, Zurich) represent. Beyond that in the past 30 years a multiplicity of publications and artist editions at galerie georg nothelfer developed.

Uhlandstr. 184
D-10623  Berlin, Germany
Tel:  +49 (0)30 8814405
Fax:  +49 (0)30 8818610
Tue - Fri 11 - 6.30pm
Sat 10am - 2pm
and by appointment
Director: Georg Nothelfer
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