Why a Guitar is the Best Christmas Gift for Your Child in

When it comes time for Christmas, you understand how important gift giving is. As a parent, you love finding gifts that are both fun and educational. You already know you want to get your child an instrument.

They have even expressed an interest in the guitar. A guitar is the best Christmas gift you can get your child in 2006. There are multiple reasons why.

Here are the reasons in detail: It is Versatile The guitar is an incredibly versatile instrument. There are a few basic types of guitars with almost endless variations in between. There are acoustic guitars, electric guitars, classical guitars, and flamenco guitars. This means that the guitar can be played in a wide variety of styles such as jazz, classical, rock, and popular music.

And the type of music you play on the guitar is not limited to the type of guitar you have purchased. For example, a simple steel string acoustic guitar can support a range of styles on its own. You can easily play some classical pieces, popular music pieces, and certain rock songs. The electric guitar is the same way. You can play jazz, rock, and you can even get creative and do things such as incorporate certain classical songs into a guitar solo. (Check out Eddie Van Halens Eruption solo and you may notice Moto Perpetuo by Paganini making an appearance).

Learning Tool From a parents standpoint, giving a child the gift of a guitar is almost ideal. Here is an instrument that is fun and cool and it also happens to teach the essentials of music and enhance creativity. It also helps them build discipline. It takes time and practice to learn an instrument. Some schools also have a band that is part of their curriculum. Depending on the school, they may also allow guitar players.

Getting your child involved with school sponsored musical activities also teaches him how to function in a group environment. This will help build his self esteem and give him new confidence. Its Cool From your childs standpoint, the guitar is a cool instrument to learn. Maybe your daughter it so she can emulate her favorite bands. Or perhaps she wants to start writing her own music.

Or maybe your son wants to be just like his favorite guitar player. And yes, depending on his age, he may be thinking that playing the instrument will help him get girls. There is a certain coolness factor involved with playing the guitar.

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