Antique Farms a Great Family Heritage to Discover Part I

Antique Farms provide a fascinating time tunnel of what once was. There's nothing like actually experiencing Living History to make it come alive. If you are into collecting Antique farm bells, wagons or tractors, it's a lot of fun to go to farm Museums and country tractor shows. They are really fun and are a great way to spend a family day that will be remembered and appreciated. I remember playing on old tractors as a kid, in my home town over 40 years ago! Playing farmer with my two wild brothers, on old ramshackled tractors is a memory I still delight in. Who knows? Maybe that is what hooked me into the Antique Farm passion? What is really amazing though is that you can find ancient relics at these shows often in Top running shape.

Did you know you can still order parts for some of these living history machines? To share in the fun, here is a list of some of the best Farm Museums out there. Here is a list of Farm Museums by Area: (Please note: There are a lot of them so I will present the huge list via several articles). Alaska Museum: MUSEUM OF ALASKA TRANSPORTION & INDUSTRY Location: Wasilla, Alaska Contact: (907) 376-1211 Info: Open seven days a week from May 1st to September 30th, and Tuesday through Saturday the rest of the year. Hours are 10AM until 6PM during the summer season and 9 Arizona Museum: STUTTGART AGRICULTURAL MUSEUM Location: Stuttgart, Arizona Contact: (501)-673-7001 Info: Large farm equipment specializing in tractors and steam engines.

Open Tuesday- Saturday, 10-12 & 1-4 Museum: THE GOLDEN ERA MUSEUM Location: 297 W. Central, Coolidge, Arizona Contact: (602)-948-9570 weekdays or (520)-723-5044 weekends Info: Open 11 am to 5 pm weekends October through May. Admission price California Museum: ANTIQUE GAS & STEAM ENGINE MUSEUM Location: Vista, California Contact: (619)-941-1791 Info: Open daily 10-4. Guided tours & tours organized demonstrations available.

Colorado Museum: CONEJOS CO. FARM/RANCH MUSEUM Location: LaJara, Colorado Contact: Gene Williams, (719)-274-5765 Info: Open June 1 - September 30. Delaware Museum: DELAWARE AGRICULTURAL MUSEUMS & VILLAGE Location: 866 N. Dupont hwy., Dover, Delaware 19901 Contact: (302)-734-1618 Info: Featuring antique tractors dating back to the early settlement.

Illinois Museum: WAUCANDA TOWNSHIP HISTORICAL SOCIETY Location: Waucanda, Illinois Contact: (708)-526-9303 Info: Many collections of farm equipment and old engines. Open May to September, Sundays only, 1-4. Museum: KLINE CREEK FARM Location: Winfield, Illinios Contact: (708)-876-5900 Info: Featuring many collections of farm equipment and tractors from the 1890's. Open Thursday- Monday 9-5.

Closed on holidays. Iowa Museum: FLOYD CO. MUSEUM Location: 500 Gilbert St., Charles City, Iowa Contact: (641) - 228-1099; Fax (641)-228-1157 Info: Museum is open all year.Large selection of tractor manuals & Oliver Promotional Films on video tape available. Museum: HEARTLAND MUSEUM Location: 119 - 9th Street SW, Clarion, Iowa 50525 Contact: (515) - 602-6000 Info: The museum has over 16,000 square feet of antique tractors, trucks and machinery.

Visit the museum website at Museum: MIDWEST OLD SETTLERS & THRESHERS ASSN.

INC. Location: Mount Pleasant, Iowa Contact: (319)-385-8937 Info: Collections of steam tractors & engines. Open mid April to mid October, Monday - Friday, 9-4. Museum: VAN HORN TRUCK MUSEUM Location: Mason City, Iowa Contact: (515)-423-9066 Info: Open daily May 25 to September 22 Indiana Museum: SKINNER FARM MUSEUM & VILLAGE STEAM & GAS SHOW Location: Perrysville, Indiana Contact: Norman Skinner, (765)-793-4079 Info: August 15 & 16, 1998. Call for more information.

Kansas Museum: CENTRAL KANSAS FLYWHEELS MUSEUM Location: 1100W. Diamond Dr., Salina, Kansas 67401 Contact: (785)-825-8473 Info: Hours are 1-5 pm, Tuesday to Sunday.

May 1st through October 31st. Call for special tours. Our museum has a rare policy of accepting items on loan. We feel this policy makes items available to us that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. Museum: NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL CENTER & HALL OF FAME Location: 630 Hall of Fame Dr., Bonner Springs, Kansas Contact: (913)-721-1035; Fax (913)-721-1202 Info: Open mid March through November Museum: NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL CENTER & HALL OF FAME Location: Bonner Springs, Kansas Contact: (913)-721-1075 Info: Open mid March to November, Monday- Saturday 9-5, Sunday 1-5.

That is enough for now. More Museums to come next time!.

Aliza Levine is an Antique Farm Nut and Historical Researcher Check out - Feel Free to copy, print and frame the stunning Historical Farm Photograph Collection!

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Antique Farms a Great Family Heritage to Discover Part I - Antique Farms provide a fascinating time tunnel of what once was.