Maintaining Antique Furniture

Investing in Antique Furniture Owing antique furniture is most definitely an asset. Anyone owning a piece of antique furniture may be able to get thousands of dollars, if it is in good condition. The value of your furniture piece depends on how old it is, where it was made, the level of craftsmanship and the condition it is in. There are things you can do to guarantee your furniture piece stays in a good condition and as a result maintain a high value. Keeping your antique furniture clean When cleaning antique furniture make sure that it becomes part of your regular cleaning routine; do not neglect your antiques. Dust your antiques every few days, once a week at the very least.

Use a soft cloth to avoid scratches. Avoid using sprays of any kind especially those that include furniture polish. Chemicals used in the manufacturing of these sprays for the purpose of repelling dust and grime can actually damage your investment by staining the wood or causing weak spots. Cleaning antique furniture should be about preserving it rather than adding to the wear and tear. What you can use to clean your wooden antiques is orange oil; use it once a week.

Consider waxing every few months as well. Applying a thin coat of wax to the wooden surface of your antiques will allow it to shine. Protecting the wood Cleaning antique furniture can damage the wood if it is not done correctly so make sure you use all the protection necessary. Clean any liquids that fall on the wooden surfaces immediately and do not allow the fluids to sit. Cleaning antique furniture in this instance would require dabbing the stain with a soft cloth until all of the solvent has been removed. Avoid wiping it away, because it could cause more damage.

To maintain wooden antiques in the best possible way, keep them away from direct sunlight. Sunlight can contribute to discolouration and irreversible damage. Maintaining a clean environment Always keep in mind that antiques are old and sensitive.

To avoid damaging your antique furniture, make sure that you keep your antiques in a clean room with constant temperatures. Large variations in temperature throughout the day can be damaging to your antiques. Some antique collectors use humidifiers in antique storage rooms to guarantee the best return for their investment in the long run. Always remember, that antiques are primarily valuable because of their age and condition. What will add more value to your antique are factors such as quality, distinctiveness, splendour and period. Antique collectors are always looking for the best age to condition/quality ration antique.

Antique pieces are generally very expensive and not affordable by the common man. Acquiring an antique will set you back a few dollars. To ensure that these dollars don't go to waste you should follow the above tips on a regular basis. Keep in mind that antique furniture can add style to your home and surroundings; incorporating distinctive antique furniture pieces in your home layout ads class.

Acquiring the right kind of antique furniture for your home can be a difficult decision. First you need to decide which room to start from. Great selection of antique chairs antique chairs

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