Improve Your Figure with Corset Lingerie

If you want to make the most of your physique, nothing works better than a corset, a cinching garment that is worn around the middle torso of the body to accent the shape and contour of the bust and waist. This undergarment has been a part of women's wardrobe for hundreds of years with its origins traced to England. While the corset was used before for restrain now it is used for giving better shape and control to the woman's body. The corset has come a long way from the days it was used to make and keep the woman's body restrained and tiny by tying it in under great pressure to what it is today, comfortable and body shape enhancer.

While the corsets of today are considered an essential piece of sexy lingerie, that was not always the case. You can find images of corseted women from the ancient civilizations of Crete, Egypt, Rome and Greece. During this period of time, women wore corsets for physical support during strenuous activities such as gymnastics and bullfighting.

For the women in Greece, the corset was called a "zona," while on the island of Crete the women used heavy rings around their waists and short, bolero-style jackets to support their breasts. However in Rome, a tightly laced corset was a status symbol, and Egyptian women used this type of garment as a part of their daily dress. The history of corsets is indeed fascinating; today there is an entire lifestyle culture built around the women who wear them and the men who adore them. Now there are many different varieties of corsets that are simply amazing; corsets are made from every type of material and for every type of body sizes.

Many of the style of corsets that you find in sexy lingerie collections have their beginnings in the 13th and 14th centuries, when dresses called "kirtles" were designed with corseted lacing to form the garments closer to the body, replaced the free flowing style. The stiff fabrics used today to form a trim silhouette as a separate undergarment, were taken from these dress designs. The corset today is more used by women who want to look gorgeous and sexy. You will find not only body control corsets in the market but also leather corsets which are a great sex-enhancing garment.

Corsets have always been part of the women's attire. In the 15-18th century it was meant to make the body of he woman flattish by subduing the swelling of the breasts and the buttocks; then it went into controlling the figure to give it a hour-glass look and in the end it was used to make the stomach flat and give support to the stockings.

The design of the corset has evolved throughout the centuries, its appeal as fashion outerwear was accented by its use by celebrities such as singer Madonna. However, during this period the advent of the brassiere replaced the function of the corset and became a staple of the wardrobe of romance with sexy lingerie specialty shops in most major cities.

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