Bits and Pieces of a Guitar

The guitar is an instrument that is more than 5000 years old. Traces of this instrument can be discovered in ancient central Asia. It has given a charm and beauty to many cultures.

In the medieval Spain, playing the guitar was the favored form of offering courtship. The journey of the guitar has been a long one. Historians believe that the lute could have been a predecessor of the guitar and that the Europeans transformed it so that it was different from the Moors. What ever may have been its history, guitar enjoys a warm place in our hearts.

Through its melodious strumming, tears or laughter can be generated. One can dance or sleep. Hate can be banished to give place to love.

How does it work? The guitar has many strings that need to be strummed to give forth sound through its sound box. It has a Headstock at the top of the guitar. Behind are located the machine or tuning heads.

They help in adjusting the pitch and quality of the strings of the guitar of the guitar. A tightening gives a deeper sound while loosening gives forth a lighter sound. The nut on the other hand is located where the headstock meets the fret board and is made out of ivory plastic or bone. It also determines the sound of the strings as it is on the endpoint of the strings tension. The fret board is a piece of wood that stretches across the neck and it is flat in classical guitars while curved in electronic guitars. Frets are metal strips placed along the fret board to adjusts and help in setting up the notes.

The guitar has also a truss rod, which runs along the inner neck, which can be readjusted, by a bolt or nut. What is a neck of a guitar? The tuners, headstock, strings, frets, fret board and truss rod all together join to a long piece of wood is the neck of the guitar. This piece of wood is then joined to a carefully crafted body. The body determines the quality of sound from the guitar.

It is made with care and requires a lot of effort. Only 2 to 3 MM thick, it is braced with many internal braces for the best performance. With its wonderful sound, the guitar has entertained many. This instrument became very popular during the jazz age.

Singers like Sinatra made guitar a main part of their music. Later on, folk singers like Neil young and Simon and Garfunkle made guitars a part of everyday people. The guitar has always enjoyed a place in our hearts.

Through its different variations like electrical guitar, violin and banjo's, it has won over a great following. In the 19th century, this was the sole means of entertaining people in the mining camps while people were away from their homes in California. Soldiers also used guitars in the wars for their pleasure and so it has continued. Guitar is the best friend when you have no one else. The singing and playing of Erik Clapton can never be forgotten can it now?.

S. Stammberger is the editor of Guitar Pros. A meeting place for guitar enthusiasts. Find guitar supply and learn how to play the guitar.

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